January 13, 2012


myHeart, yourHands [MHYH] is an outreach to all who are kindred and those who love them.

Kindred is defined as a connection in kind.

Ergo, a kindred friend, is a friend who is attached by affection [and] a common, shared life experience.

A kindred friend is the friend who KNOWS what you mean instantly because they have walked a similar path.

The kindred friend is different, unique.

The kindred friend is set apart even from the friend who relates to you based on their knowledge of you [and] the history of their friendship with you.

Kindred is knowing versus knowing about.

Kindred is fact undergirded by experience versus facts alone.
The kindred friend is the kind of friend who has lived the right to speak into THAT moment of your life.

myHeart, yourHands was born out of a coming-alongside-one-of-another, kindred friendship between myself [and] Judy.

Our friendship is rooted in our experiences as children with cancer, adults graced with marriage and children, and survivors having faced or facing heart failure requiring heart transplantation.

Our friendship is founded upon a core belief that ALL is grace.

We share a vision [and] an inexhaustible passion to use our lived experiences to impact the lives of those who will surely follow.

MHYH invites YOU to join hands with us as we seek to inform, equip, and transform the lives of individual survivors because a cord of three strands is not easily broken…


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