Prognosis: LIFE

myHeart, yourHands was established to raise awareness about the late effects of cancer therapy, to promote organ donation registration, and ultimately, to fund late effects research on behalf of ALL cancer survivors, especially the children [and] adolescents.

  • Of the 11,200 children diagnosed with cancer each year, 85% of them will survivor at least 5 years with most well on their way to a full lifetime, yet the majority of them are unable to provide adequate or accurate details of their treatment history
  • Furthermore, most survivors do NOT believe their treatment has any bearing on their future health [and] wellbeing
  • Adult survivors of childhood cancer are part of the 10 million strong survivor population in the United States today; all of whom are at risk for late effects [and] may or may not even know it.

RAISING AWARENESS about the potential LATE EFFECTS of curative cancer therapies is ESSENTIAL to increasing the likelihood that survivors will seek appropriate healthcare [and] to ensure early detection and intervention, thus improving  as well as an overall quality of life, health, and wellbeing outcomes among survivors.

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*Kada-Lottick, NS, Robison, LL et al. Childhood Cancer Survivors’ Knowledge about their past Diagnosis and Treatment: a Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. JAMA, 2002 Apr 10; 287(14): 1832-39.