February 20, 2013

At a Loss…

28 Days of Heart

Day 20

I find myself at a loss today largely because to is a day that represents both loss and gain to a person who has taken up residence in this heart of mine, Amy Tippins.

By way of background, you should know that a precious little one took up residence in her heart roughly 2 months ago and last night following 2 liver transplants and more than a few invasive procedures in his 54 days of life, this little fighter died.

There are times when these layers upon layers of loss seem unbearable so we ask as we have prayed over the last two months that God would show His grace to be all-sufficient, His power to be perfect in our weakness, and His peace to surpass our understanding.

Guard our hearts this day as we celebrate Amy’s life, her donor’s life, and the life of one mighty little fighter.

I Lift my Glass to Amy!

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