September 14, 2015

Be Well: the Outside-In-Kind-of-Well

Day 14: Be Well, the Outside-In-Kind-of-Well

Survivors, if you are even remotely like me, then you may tend to focus more on what you put in your body than what you use on your body. The reality is that BOTH are a matter of health and wellness.

Today, I’ve invited one of my best friends, Kara Pfau, to post about outside-in wellness. She’s an amazing lady who I absolutely LOVE doing life alongside of; she has walked alongside of me through some pretty difficult times (Heart failure: yeah, that was pretty damn difficult) and even more joys; she is a wealth of wellness information, a mighty fit woman, and an advocate of all things pure, safe, and beneficial.

From Kara:

It has been 10 years ago since I encountered two life changing events; both events involved a petite and powerful person, Stephanie Zimmerman. I had decided to start my own business and leave my corporate job/career thanks to a college house mate and good friend, Christy, who shared her new business and products with me.

Christy was the first one who introduced me to the concept of outside-in wellness which rests upon using products on your body that are pure, safe, and beneficial.

As an athlete and a pretty health conscious person, having a Masters in Health Science, I had no idea that what you put on your skin really had an impact on your health and wellbeing. Because of my lack of knowledge, I wasn’t mindful about the ingredients I used on my body on a DAILY basis.

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ and whatever you put on your skin will absorb into all of your organs within 60 seconds? (Try placing a clove of garlic between your toes and taste what happens)

Did you know that there are a lot of toxic ingredients in skin care products, baby care products, shampoos, lotions, makeup? (Parabens,animal by-products, and petroleum-based products)

Did you know that research is now supporting what Christy taught me 10 years ago by sharing with me an amazing company whose brand promise for skin and personal care products is pure, safe and beneficial? 

This new knowledge added another dimension to my personal pursuit of wellness and I was on fire as I shared this with my family, friends, and anyone I saw buying products with crap in them.

I wanted to educate others that those products could be causing them harm because all those ingredients were being absorbed into their bodies.

Wow: That is crazy and crazier still, I had no idea! 

I knew that what I put IN my mouth was important to your health (INside-Out Wellness), but never thought twice about what I was putting ON your body (OUTside-In Wellness).

Enter Stephanie, Christy’s cousin. I can remember the first time I talked to Stephanie on the phone. I was starting to have self doubts about my new career but to hear her passion and excitement, well, it totally got me excited about sharing these products and educating others on the importance of using pure and safe products. Stephanie’s belief radiated through the phone. I thought, wow, this woman is amazing. At that time, I did not know how amazing, but I would soon find out.

Why would we put products on our skin that have toxic ingredients and chemicals in them like parabens and mineral oil?

Mineral oil is crude oil, a refined petroleum, and has been linked to health issues. Dr. Oz has reported on women with breast cancer having double the amount of mineral oil from lip gloss, lip sticks in their breast tissue than those women who were not diagnosed with breast cancer.

Do you know what is in your products?

I was in Old Navy yesterday and noticed an entire makeup section by the checkout line. I thought, hmmm: Old Navy is selling makeup; that’s interesting. Then I thought, I wonder what the ingredients are? Curiosity kicked in and I took one of the products off the shelf and looked at the back.

Guess what the first ingredient was?


What?! Why?! Two Words: CHEAP FILLER.

Did you know that although the European Union has banned 1200 ingredients from personal care products whereas the U.S. has only banned 10-12 ingredients?

Mineral Oil was accompanied by Parabens which are used as a preservative to extend the shelf life and has also has been linked to various health issues. The last few ingredients were red and yellow, blue dyes/chemicals.

When I started my business I had a 3 month old baby and I am so thankful for Christy and Stephanie because I never would have known that most of the baby products on the market included toxic ingredients. Who and why would I want to put toxic ingredients on my sweet baby girl? Now, my girls are 10 and 7, why would I want to put makeup (not that we’re there yet) with ingredients that have been linked to breast cancer on them?

What goes on your skin goes into your body and is of great importance, and I encourage you to use a product that is pure and safe. I am thankful that the company I represent, Arbonne International, adheres to European Union standards which are safer and stricter than US ones.

I have taken Stephanie’s passion and excitement with me over the past 10 years. Her voice and the message that she shared with me that day rings in my head and resonates in my heart as I hand individuals the products to maximize their health and wellness and the tools to build a business if they so choose.

I’ve made it my mission to share it with others. 

When I spoke with Stephanie that day, I had no idea she was a childhood cancer survivor and a pediatric oncology nurse practitioner so her message was even more powerful.

Stay tuned to find out how she changed my life in another important way in an upcoming blog post.

Kara Pfau, Executive Area Manager Arbonne International 


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