December 18, 2012


Let’s be honest here: a tweet that truly INSPIRES is the exception, NOT the rule [and] it’s the rare blog post that succeeds in engaging the reader to actually comment.

Sunday evening, I picked up @RockScarLove from ATL [and] we spent quite a bit of time discussing just how difficult it is to engage readers by means of a blog. I think we finally concluded that a blog needed to be written in a conversational style, varied in content, and ultimately, concluded with the posing of a question to YOU, the reader.

How do you like that 2 blondes on a rainy Sunday night driving home from ATL answering questions that confound the best of us while awaiting our Zaxby’s NOT fast, but worth the wait food? Ha!

Today, however,  turned out to be THE day that a tweet rose to the level of inspiring me [or] maybe reminding me at the core of my being, my heart-soul.

Quite ironically, @Kerry_Lan tweeted to me [and] @RockScarLove re: @joshgroban [and] his new release, BRAVE:  beautiful. Her tweet was complete with the link to view the behind the scenes video on YouTube

Because I KNOW Kerry, I KNEW the song [and] the video were beautiful; I could have pulled a glance-RT-and-go circling around later to follow the link; however, in THAT moment, I chose to follow the link.

BRAVE resonated with me, my life, [and] , my lived experience.

I mean, seriously, don’t we all face trials in this life that make us want to run away, to look away, to say it can’t be so? How can we smile at fear, face the storms allowing ourselves to feel the rain, to stand up, to hold out our hand without a strong sense of our reason to be BRAVE?

Informing [and] Inspiring cancer survivors, especially survivors of childhood cancers, are my REASON to be BRAVE through whatever come what may.

What’s YOUR reason to be BRAVE?

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