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Late Effects Side Effects Resources

November 13, 2013 mhyh 1

Survivors, myHeart is pleased to provide you with a list of late side effects resources compiled by Dr. Tiffany Scharadin. Dr. Scharadin is involved in molecular research within the oncology field at the University of California in Davis, CA. Tiffany is also the daughter of t …

Living Amidst the Potential Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

August 22, 2013 mhyh 11

The potential late effects of cancer treatment walk hand in hand with the unknown. On one hand you wonder IF you will experience physical and/or emotional late effects, and IF you do, then what will you experience and when will you experience them. The unknown and uncertainty …

Late Effects of Cancer Therapy

May 9, 2013 mhyh 0

It has been said that the greatest threat to a survivor’s future health is his/her lack of knowledge about the potential late effects of cancer treatment. So, what is the ‘little black dress’ that we, survivors, especially survivors of childhood cancers MUST …

Cancer Survivorship Tools

April 16, 2013 mhyh 0

Take Charge of Your Medical Future: Tools to Help You Lillian Meacham, MD AFLAC Cancer Center, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta  Many forms of lifesaving cancer treatment can unfortunately come with a cost; these costs are called late effects. The field of survivors …