The Doctor’s In

Part 3: My Donor, Our Hero

June 2, 2014 mhyh 0

Five months to the day after I received my new heart, I received yet another blessing. In the mail was a letter from my donor family. Before I even opened the envelope, I was overwhelmed with tears. Amidst their pain, they had reached out to me, and I knew that in a moment I …

Part 2: My Diseased Heart

May 30, 2014 mhyh 0

Six hours after receiving the call, stating that a heart was gifted to me, we arrived at the Cleveland Clinic. I walked into the ICU at 8:30am where I was prepped for surgery. They placed IV and arterial lines, drew several tubes of blood, and we spoke with my surgeons. My f …

Living Amidst the Potential Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

August 22, 2013 mhyh 11

The potential late effects of cancer treatment walk hand in hand with the unknown. On one hand you wonder IF you will experience physical and/or emotional late effects, and IF you do, then what will you experience and when will you experience them. The unknown and uncertainty …

The Cost of Cure: The Heart Truth

February 28, 2013 mhyh 3

Cardio-Oncology and the Growing Burden of Cardiovascular Disease as a Result of the Past Treatment of Cancer Michael G. Dickinson, MD, FACC Imagine the frustration of being a survivor of cancer and then to begin having unexplained symptoms. Then imagine if your physicians do …

Radiation: the Invisible, Potent Therapy

February 27, 2013 mhyh 2

28 Days of Heart Day 27 John O’Donnell, MD, MS, FACP I met MHYH’s Co-Founder, Judy Bode, about 30 years ago when I had the privilege of providing medical care for her until I retired from practice in 2006. About 9 years ago, a very competent, respected heart speci …

Taking Oral Health to HEART

February 25, 2013 mhyh 0

28 Days of Heart Day 25 TAKING ORAL HEALTH TO HEART DENNIS M. ABBOTT, D.D.S. DENTAL ONCOLOGY PROFESSIONALS OF NORTH TEXAS February is Heart Health Awareness month. February is also Dental Awareness month. Coincidence? I think not, and here’s why… Several studies over …