September 20, 2012

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: #CCAM

This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month [and] myHeart, yourHands along with Treatment Diaries has been executing a shock [and] awe campaign grounded in our message[s] of hope, future, community, and healing.

From twitter and tweet chats to blog posts and landing pages, we have sought to optimize our utilization of every channel/platform we have at our disposal.

That being said, I find myself asking the following question: “What good is awareness if it doesn’t lead to action whether on the part of the individual or a corporate body of some sort?”

Seriously, does it help to become aware of your personal risk of late effects of cancer treatment, if medical providers, medical schools, and clinical researchers are not equipped to provide appropriate healthcare, incorporating late effects into their curricula, [or]  resourced such that until prevention becomes a reality, the management of late effects is known and effective?

I think it is critical that cancer survivors, especially of childhood cancers, become aware of their level of risk for the late effects associated with their treatment regimens as a matter of being equipped to advocate on behalf of themselves.

Until the systems as we know them today change, survivor, YOU are your own BEST advocate, perhaps your ONLY advocate. Indeed, you are the one most vested in yourself and your personal health [and] wellbeing.

Survivor, YOU carry the burden of educating every single provider you encounter in relationship to your health, so arm yourself with the facts.

Treatment History Matters: Know your Risk. Advocate WELL.

myHeart would enjoy [you] sharing your thoughts, so please consider responding by leaving a comment.

As always, we invite you to join in our effort to raise awareness regarding late effects through your charitable giving: please donate NOW.




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