September 22, 2015

Day 22: Get your Flu Shot

Day 22: Get your Flu Shot



Did you know that it takes up to 2 weeks for our immune system to build protective antibodies against the flu? Antibodies that will either prevent the flu altogether or make it less severe than full blown flu.

Living in a constant state of some degree of immunosuppression, flu shots are mandatory for me and my immediate family members. We used to make a day of it when our son was younger. Now, we have to catch when catch can, but we strive to have our family of three vaccinated within a week of each other.


What is recommended for me may not apply to you, so check with you healthcare provided before getting vaccinated.

It is also important to know if you should get the live or inactivated form of the vaccine, so ask your healthcare provider.

You can read the vaccine information sheets provided by the Centers for Disease and Prevention by clicking on the following links:

Live Flu Vaccine

Inactivated Flu Vaccine

Two small things YOU can do to promote your health and wellbeing: a flu shot and frequent hand washing.

Let’s LiveWELL. THIS day, every day!



LOVE the way Dr. Pepper’s staff takes care of me even when it involves needles!


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