September 23, 2015

Day 23: Journal

Day 23: Journal

Today is September 23, 2015 and a wacky Wednesday to boot.

I am known within my family as the date person which simply means that I hold onto dates exceptionally well wether birthdays, dates of deaths, wedding dates, or just everything in general. I am also known for being at least a day late with cards and gifts. I detest going to the post office and have never understood why the drive thru concept was not implemented years ago. Seriously, the lines, the whining children, the less than patient moms, the slow pace of the process: come on, really?!

Driving over to Kara’s house this morning, it dawned on my that today is a milestone, of sorts, in the history of me, my family.

On this date in 2008, my family (or my 3 pack, the Z pack) returned home after a 5 month stint most of which was spent in Cleveland, Ohio although we also spent time at my in-laws in Pennsylvania, and with friends in Virginia.

My last post to our family’s CaringBridge was on 9/22/09 noting and celebrating the fact that we had been home 373 days. It was a post that took a detailed look back at the terrain we have traversed and the role so many played in our lives.

Today, my 3 pack has been home for 2,670 days: grace-amazing. These days have been dotted with many milestones, including 7 first days of school, (now) 21 years of marriage, new friendships, negative heart biopsies, board games, soccer games, college football, NFL football, fantasy football, Formula 1 Grand Prix, go carting, birthday parties, stitches, pocket knives, summer visits to western PA, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, laughter, tears, the founding of MHYH, the completion of Resilient, multiple opportunities to raise the cause of childhood cancer and cancer survivorship through public speaking, hours on end of building, strengthening family, community, and professional relationships, and yes, losses along the way of one’s held dear.

The state of my 3 pack’s collective heart is one of gratitude-overflowing as these days were not promised rather they were gifted.

It’s important to mark the milestones whether through a journal or a blog as a go to when you feel like you can’t possibly keep going. It’s a place you can return time and time again to encourage your heart-soul in order to gain strength, to stay grounded in the moment, to forbid tomorrow from infringing upon what today holds for you.

We all, myself included, need to be intentional about planning for our encouragement, yet being gentle enough with ourselves to weep when necessary.



Tomorrow at MHYH, my dad writes; you won’t want to miss it.


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