Education / Awareness

Guard Your Heart – “the wellspring of LIFE”

  • Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women [and] the majority of women do not have a sense of their personal risk
  • 80% of Adult Cancer[s] are preventableby means of healthy lifestyle choices specific to diet, exercise, and a commitment to WELLcare
  • Words [of] Wisdom:
  1. Forget the past [and] do NOT worry about the future
  2. Here [and] Now is where you are, so focus on small changes with high impact
  • WELLCare:
  1. Yearly [preferably] or every other year visits to the SAME healthcare provider; separate from your OB/GYN visit
  • KNOW your HEART: 
  1. Investigate and document your personal [and] family heart history
  2. Assess your personal level of stress [and] take steps to minimize it
  • NUMBERS, important
  1. Ideal Body Weight [and] BMI
  2. Waist Circumference
  3. BP [normal: 120/80 or less]
  4. Lipid Profile [Q5Years] unless high risk
  5. Fasting Blood Glucose [Diabetes Screen]


  • DIET: 
  1. Shoot for 5 cups/day [of] fruits/veggies
  2. Fish*: 2-3.5 oz servings/week, rich in omega-3 fatty acids [salmon, trout]
  3. Fiber/Whole Grains: 3-1 oz servings/day
  4. Sodium: LESS THAN 1,500 mg/day [<1 tsp/day]
  5. Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: </= 450 calories/week
  1. 150 minutes [of] Moderate-Intensity OR 75 minutes [of] Vigorous-Intensity aerobic activity/week
  • STOP smoking, LIMIT alcohol, and REDUCE your stress


Again, we invite you to partner with us financially by donating now in support of MHYH’s mission to raise awareness regarding the potential late effects of therapy, heart healthy living, and the ongoing need for registered organ donors.