September 19, 2015

Friday Facials with Friends

Day 19: surround yourself with those who celebrate you

Yesterday, I spent the morning with one long time friend, Kara, and one new-to-me friend who just happens to be a 13 year survivor of Stage IV Neuroblastoma, Sarah.

It was ‘Friday Facials with Friends’ Day at my house. My friend, Kara, who wrote ‘OUTside IN Wellness’ for MHYH this month, is an independent consultant with Arbonne International whose tagline is pure, safe, and beneficial.

I am a believer in OUTside IN wellness even more so since my heart transplant in 2008. I want the ingredients that I use on a daily basis to be second to none in quality and free from any element that may be carcinogenic.

So, I asked Kara to do an event to benefit MHYH and CURE, but only one, that’s correct, only one person could come: Sarah. I canceled the event and asked Kara to come prepared to pamper me and Sarah Friday morning and pamper us, she did!

Here are some of the before, during, and after pictures. Sadly, Kara was behind the camera, and we, in all our facial fun, neglected to take a selfie of the three of us together: ugh!

IMG_1414 IMG_1413 IMG_1412IMG_1414

Love my friends and our girl time!



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