September 11, 2012

From Oz to It’s a Small World

I wanted to provide those of you who follow MHYH our website or twitter with an update on the Tin Man [and] share with you further evidence of a core conviction that I hold that there is purpose in all things even though we don’t always see it at the time.

So, the Tin Man has a heart-gifted to him by no doubt an incredible individual with family and friends who loved him/her immensely. Speaking from my own experience the ability of a donor’s family to transcend the catastrophic loss of a loved one continues to amaze me.

The Tin Man’s surgery went well [and] he is ‘resting’ in the ICU; rest [and] the ICU, what a joke (I mean paradox;)! His course has been remarkably smooth thus far. Transplanted hearts can be restless until they nestle in over the course of time, but all is well with the Tin Man, his wife, [and] their children.

[Transition to IRONY]

When I checked my email this morning, the Tin Man’s wife had sent me an update which by the way is so gracious of her as she is also updating their CaringBridge Site on a daily basis [and] until this morning I was thought to be a total stranger to the Tin Man [and] his wife.

Well, this morning she signed her name at the end of her email [and] let’s just say I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. No, I went from Oz to It’s a Small World in a nanosecond.

Let me explain.

About a year after my transplant, I was into have a new pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses fitted. The young lady that helped me that day said that she had noticed I had undergone a heart transplant. She asked several questions about my heart failure and transplant, then she shared her husband’s story, the story of a congenital heart defect, a couple of surgical procedures that were short term fixes, and that heart transplant would likely be in their future.

We even spoke of Wendy Book, MD @ Emory [and] what an excellent clinician she is within the area of congenital heart defects [and] transplantation.

BINGO! that young lady is the Tin Man’s wife, thus it’s a small world after all [and] there is purpose in everything though you may not see it in the moment; it is always an encouragement to be able to look back and catch a glimpse of purpose in the moments of THESE post transplant days.

So, Tin Man, you get better [and] know that I can’t wait to meet you; I think your wife is delightful!

Very Simply


PS If you would like to leave a message of encouragement for the Tin Man [and] his family, please leave your message in the comment section below.

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