September 18, 2012

Health: a CROWN

I had a conversation with Alec Elchahal, DMD, MS, PC, of Smiles by Elchahal in Johns Creek, GA earlier this year.

He is our orthodontist in northeast Atlanta. I haven’t known him long, but I have to tell you that I love his heart.

As we were wrapping up our conversation, he told me a story that his grandmother had shared with him when he was younger.

This is a story worth being retold again [and] again…

He said, “My grandmother used to say that health is a CROWN that only the sick can see; it is invisible to the very one’s who possess it.”

I responded by sharing with him that our family was out to dinner one night as my heart was failing and I distinctly remembered looking at John with eyes-brimming with tears that as I looked around the restaurant ALL I could see was healthy people taking their health, their ‘CROWNS’ for granted.

I asked him to take me home as it was in that moment that I was REALLY beginning to understand that not my days, but my moment[s] were numbered, growing short.

I do not like to not feel well, yet the reality is there are days that I really don’t feel well. Despite those days, myHeart give thanks that I am once again wearing a CROWN of health.

May I NEVER take this CROWN for granted [and] may I be ever mindful that I am also not entitled to it.

No, this CROWN is a GIFT-grace.

Giving thanks THIS day, everyday for the CROWN of health upon my head [and] Dr. Elchahal’s willingness to share his heart-huge.

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