February 3, 2013

Heart-new, Tears-hemmorhage

28 Days [of] Heart

Day 3

This is the account of my meeting MHYH Co-Founder, Judy Bode, in August 2011 after two years of building our friendship [and] our vision for MHYH.

There it was in my inbox: FINALLY!

[Deep breath in, then out]

More than 5 hours of raw footage reduced to 1 minute and 50 seconds. So much lost, yet I am thankful to have been given glimpses of the moment[s] Kindred and I spent together in Cleveland on August 4, 2011.

Moment[s] I will NEVER forget.

Moment[s] lived-fully, fully-present.

Moment[s] stored as READ ONLY MEMORY on the hard drive of my heart-soul: pure, unedited, [and] true.

Moment[s] that can not be taken or withheld because they belong to me, us.

Face-to-film, I watch, active in THAT moment-captured, yet a spectator in THIS moment.

A HOLD ON, HOLD LONG, come alongside of you, comfort kind-of-HUG exchanged between one who has received and one who awaits: BREATH-TAKING [and] PRICELESS.

Kindred says of me with tears cresting, “she has insights into the hospital stay, into what it’s like to have someone else’s heart inside of you [and] that’s something I think about a lot.”

And I, heart-received with tears-now-hemmorhaging, am reminded: the [waiting] heart is a crucible.

Thankfully, where there is KINDRED, there is COMFORT.

Here is our meeting captured [and] shared with us by the Cleveland Clinic, our transplant center.


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