October 12, 2012

HOPE: an Anchor [that] Floats

HOPE is the ANCHOR that FLOATS.” ~Stephanie Zimmerman

Co-Founder [of] myHeart, yourHands Inc.

I am a lover of words, language [and] it is not uncommon for me to begin with definitions. The source of my definitions is not an online dictionary rather it is Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary [of] the English Language, my MOST favorite Christmas gift EVER from my husband.

The 1828 was published at a time in our history when home, church, [and] school were established upon Biblical and patriotic principles. Although I have a hard cover edition on my shelf, it is also available online at http://1828.mshaffer.com/ complete with a word of the day which today as a FYI is ONLY.

When used as an intransitive verb, HOPE is defined as “to cherish a desire for good, with some expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable.

When used as a noun, ANCHOR [in the figurative sense] is defined as “that which gives stability or security.”

Finally, FLOAT as an intransitive verb is defined as “to be borne or sustained on the surface of fluid, water.”

The image that comes to my mind immediately when I think of HOPE is a bald-headed child or teenager fully engaged in a battle against cancer who cherishes a desire for good [and] clings to the belief that it is obtainable; s/he is steadied by this HOPE, yet simultaneously buoyed, sustained by this HOPE.

I will NEVER forget the day one of my 4 year old patients with Neuroblastoma whose prognosis was less than hope[FULL] pulled me to my knees [and] sang his rendition of Amazing Grace.

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a witch like me; I once was lost, but have been found; was blind, but now I seek.”

“Now I seek,” he, boy-full-of-JOY, full-of-HOPE sang in the middle of the nurses’ station: WOW!

Despite the fact that this particular child died of his disease, I think you can appreciate why [he, these litte one, and these teenagers] are my image of HOPE.

These children are masters of living in every MOMENTS, of slowing down TIME, [and] of rolling with the proverbial punches which we, adults, would describe as body blows.

The teenagers have had the trivial chiseled away [and] are becoming masters of what REALLY matters often to the point of utter frustration with regard to the drama their friends engage in over things that in the grand scheme have no significance.

HOPE is a cherished desire that is separate from the ultimate outcome, thus there is HOPE in life [and] death. My patients and their families demonstrated that to me an a daily basis. As for me I showed up to work each day to help SUSTAIN them as an ever-present reminder, an ANCHOR that their cherished desire was indeed OBTAINABLE: grace-amazing!

myHeart, yourHands Inc in collaboration with Michelle Harpur of Pure Gratitude is pleased to reveal MHYH’s 2012 Exclusive Line with a portion of the profit being donated to MHYH to further our mission of planting [and] cultivating seeds of HOPE in the lives of cancer survivors through the raising awareness regarding the late effects of cancer therapy.

myHeart HOPES that you will consider Michelle’s beauti[FULL] designs which include the necklace used as the featured image, a bracelet, and earrings, as we enter into the gift-giving season [and] as always, please consider giving the gift of LIFE @ www.donateLIFE.net.

Thank you in advance for your support of myHeart, yourHands throughout this gift giving season. You are very MUCH appreciateated!

Simply me,


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