August 21, 2013

I Will See You Again

As a lot of you know from various sources whether our Late Effects Fan Page, Twitter, or our Second, Second Chance Fan Page, I spent last weekend with my donor’s father. The moments that I was able to spend with him introducing him to my husband, our son, and my dad and the time he took to spend with each of us was exceedingly kind, loving, and gracious.

This weekend brought together joy and sorrow, rejoicing and grieving, life and death, but primarily, it brought together a group of individuals who had been tremendously impacted by the events of one Saturday night in the spring of 2008. I can only speak for myself, but much healing took place within my heart-soul even before the plane touched down at ATL as I found myself honored to be the one carrying his daughter’s heart back into his hands, his arms, his heart.

At Long Last...

I recorded a few thoughts yesterday afternoon:

my heart-thoughts on spending the weekend with my donor’s dad

Trust me Sunday was not goodbye, we will see each other again…

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