February 4, 2013

LiveWELL: Know your Numbers

28 Days [of] Heart

Day 4

To my knowledge, cancer treatment has NEVER been included in the list of risk factors for heart disease, yet it is absolutely a risk factor for heart disease.

Be it known that heart disease IS a potential late effect of some cancer treatments.

Survivor, YOU are your BEST advocate [and] YOU must educate your healthcare providers about your unique history [and] risk when it comes to heart disease.

LiveWELL [and] Know your Numbers, they’re IMPORTANT in the moment [and] across time for establishing patterns that may warrant further investigation.

  1. Blood Pressure: <120/<80 [systolic/diastolic, contraction/relaxation]; anything greater than these can damage the walls of the arteries that carry blood out to the body.
  2. Lipid Profile [Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and Triglycerides]: Click Here for more information
  3. Fasting Blood Glucose: 70-100mg/dL [screens for pre-diabetes & diabetes]
  4. Ideal Body Weight [and] BMI: Ideal Body Weight calculators are readily available online [and] a BMI of 18-25 is considered to be normal 
  5. *Chest Radiation: For information about Radiation with the Potential to Impact the Heart go to the Children’s Oncology Group Radiation Reference Guide
  6. *Chemotherapy agents, especially anthracyclines, that are known to be toxic to the heart should also be reported to your healthcare provider as it, too, can place you at increased risk for heart disease, heart failure

Survivor, choose to be proactive NOT reactive when it comes to your future health [and] wellbeing.

*myHeart, yourHands is dedicated to raising awareness regarding treatment-related risks for potential late effects of therapy among the survivor population in order to ensure that their risk is assessed accurately [and] they are screened appropriately according to their risk profile.

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