September 21, 2015

Day 21: iPhone’s Medical ID

Day 21: Know and Use the Medical ID feature on your iPhone

So, iPhone has a little known feature, the Medical ID, that I have in my back pocket should I ever (God forbid) be unable to provide ESSENTIAL information about my medical history or should my husband [or] our 12 year old need to provide this information to emergency personnel on my behalf.

In an emergency situation, the MOST important information is my medication list and my drug allergies, in my opinion. In particular, the anti-rejection regimen that protects my heart from being attacked by my body.

[Allergic reactions can be medically managed, but destruction of my heart is another story]

I don’t think it is [realistic, reasonable] for me to expect anyone with the exception of my healthcare providers to know the specifics of my medication list, so I need a way to communicate this [vital, potentially lifesaving] information should I not be able to do so.

The iPhone’s Medical ID feature is brilliant because it does NOT require someone to know my passcode in order to access the information.

To set up this feature:

Once you’ve accessed your iPhone, find and touch the heart icon with the white background [Third row; Middle icon]


Note: Since posting this originally, I would recommend that the heart icon be removed from any folder [and] placed in the upper left hand corner.


Touch the heart icon which will take you to your ‘Health Dashboard’


Touch the *Medical ID icon in the lower right hand corner to input your medical information

Feature Enabled.

Now, ICE: In Case of an Emergency, first responders or family members would simply do as follows:

Swipe to reach the passcode screen


Touch Emergency in the lower left hand corner which will take them to the Emergency call screen


Touch *Medical ID, again in the lower left hand corner, which will                                                immediately go to your medical ID information


It’s easy peasy [and] potentially LIFESAVING not to mention such a help for family members, especially children, who may need to speak on behalf of you.

The Medical ID allows you to input medical conditions, medical notes, allergies and reactions, medications, multiple emergency contacts, blood type, organ donor status, height, and weight.

As a nurse, I can tell you such information is a HUGE timesaver in the event that you do not have access to an accurate historian.

If I have one criticism of this feature, it is that it does not allow for other family members and their medical information to be added. Perhaps, my letter to Apple will bring about change in the future.

Until then, use this feature for yourselves and teach your family and children how to access [and] use this feature should the need arise. If you don’t teach your family and children how to use it, they won’t know where or how to do so.

Hope you find this a helpful tool as you seek to be proactive with your health and wellbeing.

Note: At this time of this posting, I have reached out and am awaiting responses with regard to other smartphones on the market. I will update this post as soon as I have that information.

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