July 15, 2013

NEGU: Never Ever Give Up

myHeart was contacted by Stephanie, a volunteer for the Jessie Rees Foundation whose motto is Never Ever Give Up, to ask permission to share a recent MHYH blog post ‘My Child Has Cancer: What do I say?’ written by myself in collaboration with @DialOfHealing Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT, International Life Coach.

Our response was a resounding yes as MHYH believes that through the sharing of the lived experience alongside of  clinical experience and expertise ALL survivors benefit walking way more informed and better equipped to face the realities of each day.

We, in response, asked for the opportunity to introduce our readers to NEGU, so I give you NEGU to add to your toolbox of resources.

NEGU is an acronym that stands for Never Ever Give Up. NEGU is a pediatric cancer foundation inspired by 12 year old Jessie Rees whose mission is to encourage kids fighting cancer to NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

Jessie was a beautiful, althletic, smart, and comapassionate girl who fought mightily against not one, but two DIPG brain tumors for 10 months and 2 days. On January 5, 2012 Jessie died earning her angel wings.

Throughout her courageous fight, Jessie focused on spreading hope, joy, and love to other kids fighting against cancer. She knew having cancer made you feel lonely and secluded so she chose to spread love through her JoyJars®.

Jessie’s JoyJars® have now become a recognized symbol of hope, joy and love in 150 Children’s Hospitals and over 175 Ronald McDonald Houses.

Jessie also shared her motto to NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) through her Facebook Fan Page. With over 250,000 fans, her message of hope, strength, and perseverance has made its way around the world inspiring both young and old to stay strong and reach for their goals.

Jessie’s motto to Never Ever Give Up will always be our message to kids and families across the globe.

Jessie’s heart of care and compassion is the inspiration for everything we do and everyone we help. 

We fulfill our mission and spread Jessie’s love by specializing in these five areas:

  1. Encourage kids to NEGU
  2. Assist Families to NEGU
  3. Rally friends & communities to NEGU
  4. Mobilize Celebrities & Athletes to Help kids NEGU
  5. Educate the World on Pediatric Cancer

myHeart considers it a privilege to introduce you to the Jessie Rees Foundation. Be sure to take at look at Jessie’s JOYJars and stop by to LIKE their Facebook Fan Page.

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