August 27, 2013

MHYH and the GivCause Network

myHeart, yourHands will be featured on GivLive Thursday, August 29th which is THIS Thursday at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT.

GivCause is a global online network that partners with charities, non-profits, and cause driven organizations like MHYH to share a message that connects them to a diverse worldwide audience. GivCause was co-founded by Derek Williams and John Cervenka.

Thankfully, GivCause was quick to recognize that late effects of cancer treatment is not unique to the United States, but an issue of global scale and offered us the opportunity to take our cause before the world. This is truly a most unique opportunity and myHeart is eager to do so.

We hope that you will be able to watch the webcast, GivLive, Thursday night; however, if you are an early to bed person, watch it at your convenience on Friday.

We’d like to thank Amy Ohm, CEO of Treatment Diaries, for introducing MHYH to Derek Williams in October 2012: thank you, Amy.

Our deepest gratitude to John and Derek for partnering with us on behalf of ALL survivors at home and abroad.


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