June 13, 2014

Part 4: My Recovery

The word recovery includes synonyms such as: revival, resurgence, revitalization. For the first six months after my transplant, I would have had difficulty using any of these words to describe my recovery. Though my doctors kept assuring me that I was doing great, I did not feel great. Balancing the side effects of all of the transplant meds combined with three significant setbacks postponed my ability to sense any resurgence or revival.

This all changed 3 months ago with what I attribute to a decrease in my meds and an increase in my blood counts. I was able to start cardiac rehab and I did so with urgency.

I can honestly say now that I feel revitalized.

Recently I dusted off my tennis racket and hit the ball a few times. Swinging was hard but I could do it. Yesterday I went kayaking. Paddling strained my arms and chest muscles, but I was so thrilled to be on the water that I couldn’t keep from smiling! I can vacuum, paint my cupboards, and weed my gardens. All of these activities were impossible before transplant.

This week I graduate from cardiac rehab. I have new found strength with my new heart, and I believe I can dream big!

Judy Bode

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