July 12, 2012

Perspective, a father’s: CURE

We’re Going for a CURE. 

We continue with Judy’s dad:

“The initial reports from the pediatrician were anything but hopeful. It became normal to discuss Judy’s future in terms of months rather than years as any sense of longevity proves illusive with the diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Disease. There was one doctor, aiming to encourage us, who told of a child living for three years after diagnosis. We, as parents, had in a way quite seriously resigned ourselves to this dismal prognosis, so much so that her grandma sincerely questioned why Judy should continue to go to school.

But that hopelessness did not always continue. This desperation gradually gave way to glimmerings of hope. Some friends told me of an article in a recent Reader’s Digest. I read it immediately. There did indeed seem to be some hope. And the new doctors who were in charge of further testing to determine the extent of the disease also were more hopeful.

 One of those doctors, in the planning for Judy’s treatment told us, as we stood by Judy’s bedside, “We are going for a cure.”

I clung to that sentence for months.

The doctors in charge of Judy’s treatment did, in fact, go for that cure. And yes, her original cancer, Hodgkin’s Disease [HD], was cured.

 Thanks to advances in cancer treatment HD along with a number of other childhood cancers are now routinely “cured”; however,  and this is so important, Judy’s experience with the secondary cancers and other after effects of that cure and like experiences of others such as Stephanie Zimmerman, co-founder of MHYH along with countless others, bring clarity regarding the widespread incidence of these after effects called late effects of cancer therapy.  

This widespread incidence of late effects decades after the last doses are administered coupled with a knowledge deficit among individual survivors and providers have compelled MHYH to step forward to bring exposure to the unique healthcare needs of the cancer survivor populations regardless of age, to plant and cultivate seeds of hope, courage as survivors daily live our their cures.

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