September 3, 2012

Phantom Pain of [my]Heart

If you have ever known or even just heard about someone who had an extremity amputated whether due to diabetes, flesh eating bacteria, or a malignancy of some sort, then you are likely familiar with a phenomenon called phantom pain.


Phantom pain occurs because although the appendage has been amputated, the person, at times, still perceives that it is present. This is often painful and very real. It’s outside my realm of expertise to explain the neurological basis of phantom pain, but I can tell you that it is not limited to the amputation of an arm, a leg, or an eye.


There is phantom pain with the amputation of the heart.


It is painful, physically [and] emotionally;


It is real;




It serves as a reminder that [my]heart is gone.


Today, for whatever reason, I miss my heart [and] it hurts.


Very Simply


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