September 30, 2015

Join the “Others”

Join the “Others”

Today marks the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the gold will bleed into pink, and many won’t give these kids another thought until next September: how sad is that?!

There is a group of us referred to as the “others”.

We are the ones who can not, will not put away the cause simply because today is 9/30.

We are the ones who believe we can, and so we will.

Fact: We are not curing everyone.

Fact: We are curing many.

Fact: Cure necessarily creates a responsibility with regard to survivorship.

Fact: We need innovative, less toxic, effective, and durable therapies that target cancer cells and leave normal cells, tissues, and vital organs alone.

Fact: Said therapies are the result of research and development which takes more than 4% of the NCI’s total budget.

Fact: Current therapies are providing cures and the numbers of survivors grows every day.

Fact: >95% of childhood cancer survivors will have at least one chronic health condition by the time they are 45.

Fact: <25% of survivors can give an accurate detailed treatment history making treatment-related risk difficult to assess.

Fact: Effective management of late effects MUST be funded; otherwise, we are remiss at best.

Fact: Cure is not enough.

Join us, won’t you?



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