September 11, 2015


Day 11: Remember [the road less traveled, the road you have traveled].

Remember seems like a no-brainer given that we, collectively, will never forget THAT day when we were terrorized, attacked at home, US soil. Nevertheless, I bring before you the importance of remembering the path, the trials, the tribulations, the victories you have [traveled, lived].

You (me), survivor, have A LOT to remember, to reflect upon, a lot to grieve, a lot to celebrate: truly, beauty from ashes, a defying of the odds, so to speak.

Despite the pause of THIS day, many will hear that their child has cancer [and] their minds will never forget, always remember as THE day that started a forever chapter in their lives, the lives of their child.

So, erect your Ebenezers to mark the path you have traveled, the faithfulness of God to you through the fire that threatened to take you, yet served to refine you that you might blaze the trail for those who will come after you.

Remember, survivor, remember.



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