August 30, 2013

September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, begins on Sunday, so buckle up and get ready for an incredible ride with MHYH at your service.

MHYH will be focusing on survivorship during September and October as we have a kinship with survivors of childhood cancer as well as with the breast cancer community. This kinship is rooted in a risk for secondary breast cancer for those of us who received chest radiation and a risk of heart damage for those of us who received chest radiation with or without Doxorubicin [an anthracycline] for Breast Cancer.

A toast to everyone facing cancer or who has faced cancer, to securing less toxic cures, and to raising the cause of late effects: [clink your virtual glass filled w/ your beverage of choice]!

Here’s our schedule of events for September:

1) Interview with GivLive, The Giving Network which aired on 8/29, but remains available to you at your convenience <<ClickHere>>

2) Second, Second Chance IndieGoGo campaign goes LIVE from the Cleveland Clinic on 9/1 as Stephanie visits with co-founder Judy Bode

3) Tweet Chat guest spot with Amy Ohm of Treatment Diaries.  #treatdiarieschat

4) MHYH’s #LateEffects tweet chat with fellow survivors/twice a month on Thursdays beginning with Niki Barr, PhD on 9/12 tackling FEAR of the potentials, the unknowns, the incertainty

5) MHYH will be joining Joni Aldrich on 9/18 at 200-250pm EDT on Caregiving SOS

6) Interview with 11Alive Atlanta & Co. on 9/20 in anticipation of the Quiet Heroes luncheon on 9/28

7)  Ninth Annual “Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes”  hosted by Chris Glavine on 9/28 at the Grand Hyatt complete with a silent auction with proceeds going to benefit CURE Childhood Cancer, a force within metro Atlanta. I’m honored to have been asked to deliver the keynote address

We invite you to follow the hashtags that we will be using throughout September and October.







Your tweets, your RTs, and your shares are much appreciated as our cause needs to be exposed to everyone because no one is untouched by cancer and the impact of potential late effects of its treatment.

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