September 1, 2012

September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Today, this day is the first day of September. It is also the first day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. #ChildhoodCancerAwareness on Twitter.


September provides a most unique opportunity for myHeart’s passion to be manifested in so many ways through the joining of forces with @treatdiaries, for featuring children [and] #AYA affected by cancer on myHeart’s blog, through twitter [and] tweets, through special edition tweet chats, through networking in person [and] across social media outlets, and through the development of a place within the great place of Treatment Diaries where everybody knows your screen name [and] what you’re facing on any given day as you scribble the thoughts of your heart-mind.


Children [and] the Adolescent and Young Adults [#AYA] affected by the late effects of cancer are the HEART of myHEARTyourHANDS, Inc; however, if you’ve just been diagnosed, are actively receiving therapy, have finished therapy, or are years out from their original diagnosis, YOU fall under MHYH’s umbrella [and] we are so excited to use the next 30 days to draw attention to the issues that weigh heavily on your hearts [and] minds.

Parents, siblings, caregivers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, myHeart recognizes that although cancer is happening to someone you love, cancer is affecting you along the way. A supportive network that speaks to your needs is ESSENTIAL.

So, keep you eyes peeled as MHYH [and] TD prepare to promote awareness through any and every available outlet while we prepare a place for you to lay your weary head upon the shoulders of those who GET IT!

myHeart is FULL of Gratitude to Amy Ohm of Treatment Diaries for her outreach to MHYH [and] Treatment Diaries willingness, indeed eagerness, to assist us in raising awareness re: the many aspects of childhood, adolescents, and young adults facing cancer.

myHeart highly recommends that everyone facing cancer or who loves someone who is facing cancer or late effects of cancer therapy visit Treatment Diaries @

We invite you to voice your questions, comments, and/or concerns through the comment section at the end of this post.

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