December 21, 2012

Sowing Seeds

A dear friend of mine lost her husband this year after a 16 year battle with Stage IV Colon Cancer. His was a life lived with great intention which resulted in a life-instructive to everyone surrounding him.

Tom ALWAYS carried a packet of seeds in his pocket to remind him of the harvest principles by which he lived.

1) You reap what you sow

2) You reap MORE than you sow

3) You reap much LATER than you sow

Beneath these principles is the encouragement to hold the course, keep planting seeds [and] the return, the harvest will be more than you could have ever hoped [or] imagined.

As myHeart continues to sow the seeds of HOPE [and] FUTURE in the realm of survivorship in 2013, we would welcome you joining in our effort in any way that you can whether a financial gift, the gift of time and talents, or the gift of LIFE through registering to be an eye, tissue, or organ donor.

1) You can click to donate through our site: 

2) You can contact Stephanie directly to give of your time and talents

3) You can register to become an organ donor at

No matter how you choose to support MHYH, you are sowing seeds of HOPE [and] FUTURE.

If you register to become an organ donor [or] if you are already an organ donor, would you kindly let us know that through the comment section below.

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