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October 5, 2015 mhyh 0

Today’s post is a continuation of Tiffany Moody’s thoughts from 9/29 with regard to her daughter’s life after cancer treatment, specifically the transition to survivorship care. Tiffany writes: “In these years since our daughter finished treatment,  I …

Join the “Others”

September 30, 2015 mhyh 0

Join the “Others” Today marks the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the gold will bleed into pink, and many won’t give these kids another thought until next September: how sad is that?! There is a group of us referred to as the “others”. W …


September 29, 2015 mhyh 0

Survivor? Thrive. I invited Tiffany Moody, mom and mom-cologist, to her now 8th grader to share her thoughts on their lived experience thus far as they have transitioned over to the survivorship clinic at their treating institution. I give you Tiffany’s thoughts, feelin …

iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Sign

September 28, 2015 mhyh 0

Put Up the Do Not Disturb Sign on Your iPhone Stress reduction strategies are important in all of our lives as the scientific literature has shown us stress negatively impacts our health and wellbeing increasing the likelihood that we will develop diabetes, heart disease, sle …

Day 26: Unfurl your Joy

September 26, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 26: Unfurl your Joy Hoist the sails of CHOICE to harness the winds of JOY. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Day 25: Strength for the Journey

September 25, 2015 mhyh 1

Day 25: Glean Strength from Those Surrounding You From Judy Bode, co-founder of MHYH, childhood cancer survivor, heart recipient, kindred friend: “I have been reflecting on my two year anniversary of my heart transplant. Actually, it was two years ago yesterday that I w …

Day 24: the “Other Guy Rule”

September 24, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 24: It’s Always the Other Guy Until It’s You Cancer affects the individual, yes; however, cancer also affects everyone who loves that individual. Today, I give you my dad as he reflects on my childhood cancer [and] the failure of my heart 30 years after the en …

Day 23: Journal

September 23, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 23: Journal Today is September 23, 2015 and a wacky Wednesday to boot. I am known within my family as the date person which simply means that I hold onto dates exceptionally well wether birthdays, dates of deaths, wedding dates, or just everything in general. I am also kn …

Day 22: Get your Flu Shot

September 22, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 22: Get your Flu Shot   Did you know that it takes up to 2 weeks for our immune system to build protective antibodies against the flu? Antibodies that will either prevent the flu altogether or make it less severe than full blown flu. Living in a constant state of som …