February 24, 2013

Sticks, Stones, and Heart Health

28 Days of Heart

Day 24

What EXACTLY is the heart and where do sticks and stones fit into this definition?

Is it a muscular organ with pumping capability or is it seat of emotion, will, or understanding, the very wellspring of life?

Is it concrete, tangible or abstract, intangible or is it an object or an essence?

Is it that secret place where real intentions reside or is it an open book, an easy read?

Does it lead or follow?

Is it trustworthy or deceitful above all else?

Is it impacted by, yet distinct from the mind or is it impossible to separate one from the other?

Let’s keep the answer simple: YES.

The heart is FRAGILE to be handled with great care.

I believe the emotional wellbeing of the heart greatly impacts the health of one’s heart AND body and it is possible to die from an emotionally broken heart.

What do I consider the greatest weapon ever to be wielded against the human heart?

WORDS, NOT sodium or salt, NOT  a sedentary lifestyle, NOT high cholesterol, or a lack of essential fatty acids, but WORDS.

Whoever said sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me was a bold faced liar.

Words breathe LIFE or death; words being healing or harm; words build up or tear down; words are kind of unkind; words are often spoken when silence should be permitted to prevail.

It isn’t always the words alone but the inflection, intonation, the rolling of the eyes, the frustrated, if not exasperated sigh, the storming off along with the hard close of a door that serves to punctuate our words and pierce our hearts.


If you, my friends, STOP TO THINK, the hearts you impact will be all the healthier for it.

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