July 18, 2013

Less Toxic Treatments hold the Promise for Decreasing Late Effects

I think most, if not all individuals, diagnosed with any from of cancer, want the MOST effective, yet LEAST toxic treatment to CURE the cancer, yet protect future health and wellbeing by minimizing one’s risk for  late effects of cancer treatment.

Sadly, up to this point in time, cancer treatment remains unrefined. In fact, I have 5  friends facing heart failure at this very moment: 1 listed for transplant, 3 undergoing cardiac workup to determine transplant eligibility, and 1 gathering baseline studies because she is symptomatic.

The findings released by the Ben Towne Foundation on 7/11 breathed life and hope into the childhood cancer world on this very issue. A HOPE that will be expanded upon in the years ahead by research that may drive the final nail into the coffin of end oran failure [if I have anything to say about it].

I encourage you to read and watch the all that follows:




An excerpt from www.BenTowneFoundation.org

From Dr. Michael Jensen, Director of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research:

 We are all jumping for joy for our patient! This is an important step forward towards accomplishing what we have all set out to do, together as a community, to send childhood cancers to the medical history books. We have a lot of work to do. There are still many more questions than answers and big challenges to overcome. For today, though, we are marking an important milestone for children who have or will someday face leukemia.”

But this is about life and death. The stakes are high. And we have put our stake down at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research – believing that together we can change the way pediatric cancers are treated and cured. Thank you for doing the same. For believing, for remaining, for hoping for a better future for children who face a cancer diagnosis.

 As we approach Ben’s Birthday next week we hold on to this milestone. With remembrance, hope and with gratitude – for you.

PS – on Tuesday we will be releasing The Mighty T, a charming animated short film that describes the process of reprogramming the immune system to cure cancer. The Mighty T, produced by our creative partners at The Academy, premiered at our Monsters University event.

Enjoy The Mighty T, a animated short film that walks you through what has been accomplished by researchers @BenTowneFnd:

Ben Towne Foundation – The Mighty T from The Academy on Vimeo.

You can follow Ben Town Foundation on twitter @bentownefdn

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