adult survivors of childhood cancer

Primary Care Provider: Get One!

September 4, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 4: Get a Primary Care Provider (PCP); you NEED one. *Hopefully, you have requested your Survivorship Care Plan that documents your cancer diagnosis and your treatment history. Once you have that in your hot little hands, call to make an appointment for a comprehensive his …

FAT [by] Choice

February 16, 2013 mhyh 0

28 Days of] Heat Day 16 Did you know? 58M Americans are Overweight 40M Americans are Obese 3M Americans are Morbidly Obese 78% of Americans are not meeting the minimum recommendations for activity [and] 25% are COMPLETELY sedentary 70% of Heart Disease related to Heart Diseas …

Smart: the new SEXY

February 15, 2013 mhyh 0

Smart IS the New Sexy when it comes to Late Effects of Cancer Treatment Survivor, arm yourself with knowledge of your treatment history [and] risk for late effects. Surviving survivorship is a jagged pill to swallow, but even more so when no one is willing to approach the ver …

Heart-new, Tears-hemmorhage

February 3, 2013 mhyh 1

28 Days [of] Heart Day 3 This is the account of my meeting MHYH Co-Founder, Judy Bode, in August 2011 after two years of building our friendship [and] our vision for MHYH. There it was in my inbox: FINALLY! [Deep breath in, then out] More than 5 hours of raw footage reduced t …