Chest Radiation

Out of the Woods: NEVER

February 17, 2013 mhyh 4

28 Days of Heart Day 17 Perhaps the most difficult aspect of being cured of cancer, childhood or otherwise, is the harsh reality that you are NEVER out of the woods. Let me begin by acknowledging that I have 3 & 1/2 decades of perspective on my cancer experience, so IR …

Collateral Damage: Secondary Cancer[s]

February 5, 2013 mhyh 0

28 Days [of] Heart Day 5 MHYH’s passion is survivors, survivorship, [and] late effects of cancer treatment[s] such as secondary cancers are matters that weigh heavily on the hearts of individual survivors and those who love them; therefore, MHYH will carry this torch on …

LiveWELL: Know your Numbers

February 4, 2013 mhyh 1

28 Days [of] Heart Day 4 To my knowledge, cancer treatment has NEVER been included in the list of risk factors for heart disease, yet it¬†is absolutely a risk factor for heart disease. Be it known that heart disease IS a potential late effect of some cancer treatments. Surviv …