Join the “Others”

September 30, 2015 mhyh 0

Join the “Others” Today marks the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the gold will bleed into pink, and many won’t give these kids another thought until next September: how sad is that?! There is a group of us referred to as the “others”. W …

Day 24: the “Other Guy Rule”

September 24, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 24: It’s Always the Other Guy Until It’s You Cancer affects the individual, yes; however, cancer also affects everyone who loves that individual. Today, I give you my dad as he reflects on my childhood cancer [and] the failure of my heart 30 years after the en …

Day 18: Together

September 18, 2015 mhyh 0

Together We call down grace and gaze without wavering into the fires of creation. Together We find the place where love embraces fear, and tears taste like faith. Together We let our radiance be revealed in laughter and in longing. Together We hold the whole of life, sweet gr …