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Give Thanks. Give LIFE.

November 19, 2012 mhyh 0

For the 18 years I have lived with a new liver and in my role as a community educator for an organ procurement organization (OPO), many have asked, “What is the transplant experience like?” While the experiences can vary among individuals, when asked, I go back to a favor …

More Than a Career, a Calling: Lifeline [of] Ohio

November 8, 2012 mhyh 2

More Than a Career: a Calling Jenny Hoover, Living Kidney Donor RN, CTPC Bereavement Services November is a month full of the rich colors of fall, beautiful foliage, the scent of roasted pumpkins seeds, mulling spices on the cooktop, a nip in the air, a snow flurry here [and] …

Eye, Organ, [and] Tissue Donation: Can I [or] Can’t I?

November 1, 2012 mhyh 0

As you know myHeart’s mission includes encouraging individuals to become registered eye, organ, [and] tissue donors. Throughout the month of November, myHeart will be highlighting various aspects of the donation process through the eyes of both donor families [and] reci …