Emotional Late Effects of Cancer Treatment


October 5, 2015 mhyh 0

Today’s post is a continuation of Tiffany Moody’s thoughts from 9/29 with regard to her daughter’s life after cancer treatment, specifically the transition to survivorship care. Tiffany writes: “In these years since our daughter finished treatment,  I …

Part 2: My Diseased Heart

May 30, 2014 mhyh 0

Six hours after receiving the call, stating that a heart was gifted to me, we arrived at the Cleveland Clinic. I walked into the ICU at 8:30am where I was prepped for surgery. They placed IV and arterial lines, drew several tubes of blood, and we spoke with my surgeons. My f …

Living Amidst the Potential Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

August 22, 2013 mhyh 11

The potential late effects of cancer treatment walk hand in hand with the unknown. On one hand you wonder IF you will experience physical and/or emotional late effects, and IF you do, then what will you experience and when will you experience them. The unknown and uncertainty …