hodgkin’s lymphoma

Part 3: My Donor, Our Hero

June 2, 2014 mhyh 0

Five months to the day after I received my new heart, I received yet another blessing. In the mail was a letter from my donor family. Before I even opened the envelope, I was overwhelmed with tears. Amidst their pain, they had reached out to me, and I knew that in a moment I …

Part 1: Unwavering Gratitude

May 15, 2014 mhyh 0

Unwavering Gratitude Part 1: The Call   Allow me to re-introduce myself. I am Judy Bode, Co-Founder of myHeart yourHands, kindred friend of Stephanie Zimmerman. Together we founded MHYH while I was in end stage heart failure, awaiting heart transplant. My heart failed du …

Collateral Damage: Secondary Cancer[s]

February 5, 2013 mhyh 0

28 Days [of] Heart Day 5 MHYH’s passion is survivors, survivorship, [and] late effects of cancer treatment[s] such as secondary cancers are matters that weigh heavily on the hearts of individual survivors and those who love them; therefore, MHYH will carry this torch on …

Cancer: Check

November 14, 2012 mhyh 0

Stefan Pietrobono of Toronto, Canada is a 19-year-old student who plays competitive hockey while living his life to inspire others. Oh, did I mention that he is also a cancer survivor [and] I had the privilege of getting to know him recently? Stefan is a survivor of Hodgkin†…