October 5, 2015 mhyh 0

Today’s post is a continuation of Tiffany Moody’s thoughts from 9/29 with regard to her daughter’s life after cancer treatment, specifically the transition to survivorship care. Tiffany writes: “In these years since our daughter finished treatment, ¬†I …

iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Sign

September 28, 2015 mhyh 0

Put Up the Do Not Disturb Sign on Your iPhone Stress reduction strategies are important in all of our lives as the scientific literature has shown us stress negatively impacts our health and wellbeing increasing the likelihood that we will develop diabetes, heart disease, sle …

Day 24: the “Other Guy Rule”

September 24, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 24: It’s Always the Other Guy Until It’s You Cancer affects the individual, yes; however, cancer also affects everyone who loves that individual. Today, I give you my dad as he reflects on my childhood cancer [and] the failure of my heart 30 years after the en …

Day 21: iPhone’s Medical ID

September 21, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 21: Know and Use the Medical ID feature on your iPhone So, iPhone has a little known feature, the Medical ID, that I have in my back pocket should I ever (God forbid) be unable to provide ESSENTIAL information about my medical history or should my husband [or] our 12 year …

Friday Facials with Friends

September 19, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 19: surround yourself with those who celebrate you Yesterday, I spent the morning with one long time friend, Kara, and one new-to-me friend who just happens to be a 13 year survivor of Stage IV Neuroblastoma, Sarah. It was ‘Friday Facials with Friends’ Day at …

Day 18: Together

September 18, 2015 mhyh 0

Together We call down grace and gaze without wavering into the fires of creation. Together We find the place where love embraces fear, and tears taste like faith. Together We let our radiance be revealed in laughter and in longing. Together We hold the whole of life, sweet gr …

Reach for the STAR

September 10, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 10: Step Up and Into the Political Arena On 07/29/2015, the bipartisan, bicameral Survivorship, Treatment, Access, and Research (STAR) Act was introduced to benefit children with cancer, children living with cancer, and children who have survived cancer. I would even argu …

Guard your Heart

September 8, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 8: Guard your heart “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23 Inasmuch as it depends on us, survivors, we must guard our hearts. What does that look like? Know your family’s health history (early MI, sudden cardia …


September 5, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 5: Live-Love-Laugh Live with Intention, Urgency, Fully. Love with Abandon. Laugh until tears roll down you leg! Simply Stephanie

Primary Care Provider: Get One!

September 4, 2015 mhyh 0

Day 4: Get a Primary Care Provider (PCP); you NEED one. *Hopefully, you have requested your Survivorship Care Plan that documents your cancer diagnosis and your treatment history. Once you have that in your hot little hands, call to make an appointment for a comprehensive his …