March 28, 2012

the waiting heart: part 3

With increasing fatigue, constant chest pain, and little on my to-do list, I spend a lot of time wondering. Wondering I suppose could be a blessing, and my source of hope. I wonder what it will be like to be offered the heart from someone else. I wonder how long I will need to stay in the hospital. I wonder how fast I will recover. I wonder what it will feel like to see the chest x-ray, my chest x-ray, and see someone else’s heart stitched between my lungs. I wonder if I will come to know my donor just by carrying his/her heart inside of me. I wonder if I will ever be blessed to meet my donor’s family. I wonder if I will ever be able to thank them, face to face. I wonder just how long it will be before I can pick up my tennis racket and challenge Dan to a match. I wonder just how normal my life will be again, or will I be forever changed?

As difficult as all of this is for me and my family, we have seen countless evidences of blessings while waiting. Friendships and love have grown deeper with the multitudes of you who are indeed waiting with us. Conversations are often filled with great emotions, not usually felt much less expressed when talking about normal daily activities. We are blessed to know that people and families, from cities and communities across this nation, are eager and waiting to hear that a heart has been found!

We thank you for your many hugs of compassion, your shared tears, and now for your enthusiastic support of our mission through myHeart, yourHands. My kindred friendship with Stephanie, our parallel life journeys, our shared passions, and this now established organization, have all been borne through cancers, cures, heart failure, and 24 months of waiting. Yes, indeed, I have been blessed! We have been blessed!

Thank you for waiting, and wondering, with me. Thank you for partnering with Stephanie and me. Thank you for your donations which will allow us to film this documentary series, thereby giving us the tools to educate cancer survivors, their families, and medical professionals!

Thank you for helping us, as we together, Bring Hope and Save Lives!

Waiting with Hope,



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